Patriots vs. Rams: A Super Bowl Flashback


Quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face a flash from the past, from Super Bowl XXXVI against the Saint Louis Rams, and now the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

In 2002, Brady won his first championship with the Patriots against the Rams, 20-17. Little did we know, this was the start of an incredible dynasty.

Head Coach Bill Belichick has kept this Patriots’ well-oiled system for nearly two decades, consistently winning regular season and playoff games, year after year. Belichick and his Pats have the longest winning streak in the NFL history with 21 straight regular and postseason wins, from 2003-2004.

The Brady/Belichick era is something to be awed at, and to be celebrated, because we may never see anything this special again.

This might be one of the hardest Super Bowl matchups this Patriots squad will ever face, for the Rams, are one of the best teams in the league by far. Being one of the first teams to be undefeated this season, Rams QB Jared Goff has had an incredible year leading his team to 13 wins and just 3 losses.

Todd Gurley, 24, arguably has been the best running back all-season long, and if it weren’t for his minor ankle injury early in the playoffs, Gurley would be on fire running into the championship. Now that he is reportedly healthy, he will look to strive back to MVP form and run all over the Patriots.

The Rams have been impressed with veteran running back CJ Anderson, who has been filling in for Gurley, just two games into the playoffs after being acquired from free agency. Gurley will look to take over possessions again, unless head Coach Sean McVay has plans otherwise.

I think it will be important to give Gurley a majority of the touches, for McVay, might try and keep another balanced rushing attack. While this seem like a sensible plan, it will be more vital for Gurley to get momentum.

There are so many factors that go into this championship game, the question will be which will be one of those factors, that actually affect the outcome.

Will the Rams actually be able to take down the Patriots?

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Could there be two LA teams in Super Bowl LIII?


The two teams representing Los Angeles, the Rams and now the Chargers, could make an all-L.A. Super Bowl this year for the first time in NFL history.

The Rams and Chargers are both the most dangerous and talented teams in the NFL.

Starting with the red-hot Chargers, and their Sergeant General Phillip Rivers, who is displaying some of the best quarterback play in his career. Rivers threw for over 4,308 yards and 32 touchdowns in another impressive season, and hopes to keep the momentum going in the playoffs.

The Chargers have a tough Divisional Round matchup against the New England Patriots this Sunday, In Foxborough. To make matters worse, Rivers is 0-7 against QB Tom Brady and his Patriots in the playoffs.

It is hard to count out the Patriots in the playoffs, but I think the Chargers have more firepower to deal with New England.

Chargers’ Head Coach Anthony Lynn will make sure to utilize Melvin Gordon, and the running game to keep a well-balanced attack against the Patriots’ defense. Rivers will be up to the challenge, knowing that, he will need to play smart football in a very hostile environment.

Since the start of the season, the Rams have always been the team to beat, and now they are here postseason. Jared Goff and teammate Todd Gurley certainly have matured, along with their Head Coach Sean McVay.

Goff, and his team are favored against the Dallas Cowboys this Saturday, but could be an interesting matchup based on the opponent’s skilled defense. The Rams will certainly have to do more than just simply pound the rock in order to score on Dallas.

While I think Dallas defense is dominant, I think the Ram’s offensive will be too much for the Cowboys to deal with.

There is a great chance that both of these LA teams advance in the next round, and even after that…which means Super Bowl LIII.

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Why the Chargers’ new relocation is the masquerade that is in San Diego


After 55 years in San Diego, CEO Dean Spanos stuns Charger fans with an impulsive decision to relocate the team to Los Angeles for the 2017 season. The Chargers are moving back to Los Angeles, since the team’s first inaugural season in 1960.

While there was the sense of drama and rumors throughout the 2016 NFL season, Spanos’ announcement to move the San Diego Chargers to L.A. still awe Bolts’ fans as well as the league itself. The reaction across the league was universal, for the decision not only felt sudden, but strange.

San Diego Radio host of Mighty1090AM, Scott Kaplan, expressed an emotional, but real perspective of the hasty move.

“There is zero appetite for the Chargers in the Los Angeles market,” Kaplan said. “Getting it right for Los Angeles, was bringing back the Rams.”

The downpour emotions of heartbroken San Diego fans, are justifiable, and too felt in the city of Los Angeles. Being a Los Angeles native myself, the general consensus is that it would make more sense if it were the Raiders, not the Chargers.

The Raiders have a huge fan base in this city, and for many of us in the “City of Angels”, the initial thought would be the Raiders and the Rams. Well, it looks like we were wrong after all.

The Chargers will be held in a much different hiatus now that they are now in Los Angeles. The Chargers have always had support for their team no matter what, win or lose, but not anymore.

Kaplan highlighted earlier that Lost Angeles has a must- win mentality, “You either win in Los Angeles or you don’t.” This is definitely true, and the Ram’s 2016 season at the
Coliseum is a great example of this.

While the Rams set the U.S. preseason attendance record of nearly 90,000 fans in their opener in Los Angeles against the Dallas Cowboys, the final game of the season did not even record half of that number of people.

With a game nothing to play for, it was expected to see a bleak attendance in the final home game of the Rams – well, somewhat expected.

When you stop winning games, people stop showing up. That’s just how it is in LA, but also in most fan bases throughout the world.

The Chargers and Rams have much to prove, for these organizations have proved to be dysfunctional at times, but are looking to make a redemption in their second chance in Los Angeles.

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Rams buying into the Jared Goff/Carson Wentz theory


LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Rams give up several picks to trade for the No.1 overall selection in the NFL draft.

In realms of the excitement starting the new 2016-2017 season, Ram’s play devils’ advocate in their mission for obtaining the No.1 pick. Whether Jared Goff or Carson Wentz will be called tomorrow night for the first overall selection in the draft, Rams look for
security in their future with acquiring a reliable option at quarterback.

Looks like the Los Angeles Rams have their eyes on a quarterback for the upcoming season. The Head Coach Jeff Fisher recently expressed to the media that they are going to draft an
offensive player; the head coach followed by GM Les Snead, the staff revealed limited information on the upcoming pick, however, it is almost obvious they are going to draft a quarterback.

Giving up a bonanza of picks to get the No.1 pick in the draft, Rams’ nation is desperate for a turnaround in there nine consecutive losing seasons – the longest active streak in the NFL.

Fans, staff, analytics, and everyone around the league are already making the Jared Goff/Carson Wentz comparison.

Seeing the potential of the quarterback, and how either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz most likely will be the No.1 pick of the draft, Jeff Fisher and his staff had moved from pick no.15
to No.1 the upcoming draft.

Hence the pick, the preference of the two quarterbacks is believed to be more steered towards Goff, as sources around the league report that the Cal quarterback has a few areas of advantage over Wentz. According to ESPN Staff Writer Nick Wagoner, per NFL scout, Goff has advantage with his feet, performance under pressure, and sample size.

Sources around the league the Goff is the more pro-ready quarterback because he has a larger sample size with three years as a starter over Wentz’ one year and half at North Dakota State. Having experience in the league for so many years, the Rams’ head coach
knows a thing or two about how experience is vital in NFL. Transitioning to the league, the Cal quarterback seems better for that fit.

Though the new Rams’ quarterback may have to endure a tremendous amount of change, it is a great opportunity as the teams’ personal is much better than the usual destinations
that these No.1 picks tend to land.

The new face of the Rams, the electric running-back Todd Gurley, debuted with the team last season with over 1,000 yards rushing as a Rookie. Recovering from an ACL injury in 2014, Gurley picks up where he last left off in his record-breaking days in Georgia. Gurley
had become just the third Rams rookie to rush for 1,000 or more yards in a season, joining the Jerome Bettis (1993) and Eric Dickerson (1983).

Gurley had gained attention quickly from the NFL in his much anticipated debut in Week 4,
shredding the Cardinals defense with 146 rushing yards and following up the next four games with over 100 yards. Jared Goff, with the support of Gurley and a young Offensive-line, should give the quarterback confidence to give him success in his first year in the NFL, if drafted by the Rams. The young prospect also has the support from the Rams’ receiving core.

With emergence of star Tavon Austin, and veteran wide receivers Wes Welker, Kenny Britt, and Nick Toon, young players Stedman Bailey and Brian Quick also add depth to this Rams’

Not far from home, the Cal quarterback should embrace such an opportunity, as he is taking over the Ram’s talented personal, which will create great potential for years to come in Los Angeles.

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