Opening weekend at Dodger Stadium; 2016 remarks the finale of Vince Skully


LOS ANGELES— The 2016-2017 season opener in Los Angeles started off with a roar, as legend Vince Skully announced his final year at Dodger Stadium. The incredible, lively performance from the sold out crowd, reminisced the reasoning of a beautiful evening of baseball in Southern California.
Seeing the significance of Jackie Robinson Day, I was very fortunate enough to attend the home opener Friday night; it was an incredible evening seeing everyone paying tribute to another Dodger legend while the team was hitting on all cylinders.

Dodgers fans had arrived early Friday with the hopes of receiving a Jackie Robinson jersey, making the stadium even more packed before the gam began. Wether it was the array of the special pregame ceremonies, a perfect night of Southern California weather, or a completely sold out crowd – Friday was a very special night of baseball at Dodger Stadium.

The beautiful evening in Los Angeles was an inspiration, great home advantage as the Dodgers were extra motivated against there opener with San Francisco. The team dominated the offensive-end since the 1st inning began, “Kike” Hernandez’s sudden home run strike foreshadowed a win.

Hernandez ended up being the game’s MVP; blasting off two home runs, including a grand slam that set the tone for the Dodgers Friday night.

Dodger Stadium reflected an exceptional weekend in Los Angeles to say the least, the 69th anniversary of Jackie Robinson and Vince Skully’s final season began the home opener with fireworks.