The U.S. Women’s Team leave behind incredible legacy with World Cup victory

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The U.S. Women’s National Team are now back-to-back World Cup champions. Photo from ABC30 Fresno, creator – Alessandra Tarantino, Associated Press.

Icons, champions, and now legends.

The United States Women’s National Team have won back-to-back World Cup titles, elevating themselves as one of the top dynasties in not only soccer, but in all sports.These American ladies had a dominating performance all of the World Cup, inspiring the nation with the birth of a dynasty.

The U.S. Women’s Team now have won their fourth World Cup championship, the most in FIFA Women’s World Cup history.

When the US won the World Cup on Sunday, it was more about than just the win. This marked the beginning of a new era, however it became a statement.

The USWNT left a legacy of respect, and desire, for the future of women’s soccer in the US.

All eyes were on the Americans, but the…

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