2018 Stanley Cup Finals: From tragedy to triumph, a Las
Vegas Story 

The Golden Knights’ journey to the Stanley Cup Finals will
be known as one the top Cinderella stories in all of sports, standing just four
wins away from squashing the virtually impossible, 500-1 odds to win it all.   

The Golden Knights have been fighting odds all season long,
even before they stepped on the ice. Vegas’ first season with professional
hockey was expected to be anything, but successful, for they were predicted to
be one of the worst the teams in the league. 

Look at them now – the Golden Knights are in the Stanley Cup

The Golden Knights’ incredible path to the Finals is something
that has truly inspired Vegas. The aftershock of the Las Vegas music festival
shooting last year was felt throughout the entire nation, giving the home town
not much to hope for, until now

Vegas’ unexpected success in the NHL, being a real underdog,
really helped cast away some of the gloom after the catastrophe. The city of
bright lights, is certainly shining bright again, but now is flashing “Stanley
Cup Born.”  

Their first playoff win at T-Mobile Arena looked like a scene
out of a movie, seeing thousands of white towels being waved in unison and
signs saying “Vegas Strong.” It was a powerful message that was felt throughout
the entire arena and the city of Las Vegas. 

The Stanley Cup Finals will also preview another new face,
for the Washington Capitals, are also making their first appearance in the championship. 

The Capitals’ leader of the team, Alex Ovechkin, is one of
the premier players in the league and he certainly will be the priority for the
Golden Knights. Ovechkin has been having an incredible season, but so have
these Golden Knights. 

Vegas, in their inaugural season, has been one of the best
teams in the entire NHL playing like a true team. They have swept the Los
Angeles Kings, defeated a tough San Jose Sharks team, and the Winnipeg Jets on their
trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Winning twice as many games as expected, 51 wins, also is
certainly something that must be celebrated for this new team. The 2018 Stanley
Cup Finals will certainly be one to remember.

Photo by David_Vasquez [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


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