Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors: The NBA heavyweight
title fight is finally here 

The 2018 Western Conference Finals we all have been waiting
for is finally here, the long awaited Houston Rockets-Golden State Warriors
showdown, has been destined to be the NBA’s title fight since day one. 

The basketball world is elated to finally see the massive
Western Conference Finals, arguably the premier two teams in the NBA are
finally going toe-to-toe. The Rockets, are set to prove that they have the
league’s best record for a reason, and that they can contend with the defending

Houston’s trip to the Western Conference Finals, answers the
questions regarding if the regular season success will translate into the
playoffs, which has so far. Now, the only thing left for them
to completely silence the critics, is to give the Warriors a run for their

Chris Paul and James Harden, are playing some of the best
basketball of their lives, and are doing it with great chemistry. 

The Rockets’ two best players, under Head Coach Mike
D’Antoni, have a figured out a game plan all year that has been working in
harmony. Paul’s aggressiveness helps share the responsibility on offense with
Harden, creating more opportunities for the team. 

These superstars will need to be creative in their attack
against the Warriors, and making sure that Clint
is going to be apart of it. The Rockets went on a whopping 50-5
record during the regular season with a Capela/Paul/Harden starting lineup,
according to Stephen A. Smith, ESPN. 

Capela is a key element to his to team for his potential on
offense, but mainly his real strength at the defensive end. He is arguably one
of the best defensive players in the league, averaging nearly two blocks a

When Houston makes plays on the defensive end, they create
chances in transition, which often lead to their signature 3-point shots. If
they play a well-balanced game, they should have a shot against Golden State. 

At the end of the day, these Western Conference Finals are
going to require each team’s best to be their best, all superstars going

Charles Barkley, Hall of Famer, told the ‘NBA on TNT’ crew
that Game 1 is a must win for the Rockets. I know that Barkley can be very
outspoken at times, but I couldn’t agree with him more on this statement. 

The Rockets will need any sort of edge they can get in this series,
especially since they have home court advantage. Trailing just one game will bring
a great amount of pressure, giving them no room for error, because Games 3 and
4 at Oracle Arena will be the toughest road trip all year.   

I will be rooting for the Rockets this next week like no
other, as if I was a Houston native or a die-hard fan, because it simply will
be better for the NBA to see Golden State Warriors finally knocked off by
someone other than LeBron James. 

It would be a great story for Paul, Harden, and even D’Antoni
– elevating their NBA legacies, and show the league that their not just underdogs. While people say that
fans love dominancy, dynasties in sports, they also root for parody and upsets.

Photo by Puettmann [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons


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