Double Filbert, double the trouble

Transplants Brewing’ has released an imperial version of
their chocolate hazelnut brown ale, called the “Double Filbert.” This double
brown ale recollects the delicious, rich taste of the Filbert, enhancing its essence
yet with a 10% ABV. 

The Filbert is one of Transplants’ fan favorites, the
mixture of the nutty and sweet chocolaty flavor makes it their signature brown

This brewing company has an incredible variety all the way from
IPA’s to stouts, setting the bar to be a very versatile and creative
establishment. Transplants’ “El Mas Guapo IPA”, presents an incredibly smooth IPA
that not only presents citrus, but also guava
to enhance the taste. 

The Filbert and El Mas Guapo are definitely one of my
favorite beers I’ve had in recent memory, all the way from stouts to IPA’s. That’s
a pretty interesting range in between palates, if you ask me. 

The Alesmith Nut
is very reminiscent of the Filbert, the rich, malt-forward flavor profile
makes it such a drinkable dark beer. This brown ale won a silver award at the 2014
San Diego International Beer Competition (for American-style Brown), reminding
everyone what happens when you make a quality nut brown. 

The creamy mouthful, and smooth taste overall, just makes it
one of the best dark beers period. 

Transplants has also upgraded their signature brown to the “Ultra
Double Filbert”, aged in whiskey barrels.  Brown and whiskey – sounds like heaven.


This brewery is no
way, in any shape or form, endorsing my website.


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