NFL Draft: Day 1 drama and ramifications 

The first day of the NFL Draft always ensues some kind of drama,
and of course, it involves the Cleveland Browns. 

The Cleveland Browns stunned the football world on draft night,
after drafting Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall. The Browns have found themselves
with a controversial first-round draft pick once again, but this time it was two

There was complete shock and awe, after commissioner Roger
Goodell announced Mayfield with the first pick, and the mixed reactions only continued
after the Browns selected Denzel Ward No.
4 overall

NFL experts and pretty much everyone in the league labeled
Bradley Chubb as one of the premier players in the draft – except for

After seeing all of the analysis, mock drafts from the media and
others, I thought Chubb was a lock for the No. 4 pick. I guess we were
definitely wrong on that, for it was a jaw-dropping moment on Thursday night. 

Browns fans were apparently chanting “Chubb, Chubb, Chubb!” at
the draft, according to Kyle Brandt, host of Good Morning Football. The roof
was already blown off the building when it heard Mayfield’s name, and now Ward,
the football world was just dumbfounded. 

Ward is rated the top cornerback in college football, and some
draft experts say he is the one of the best players in this draft period, but
the mutual feeling is that the Browns reached somewhat for this pick. The
Browns are addressing their need for the cornerback position, but the overall better
football player is definitely Chubb. 

It will be hard to see if the Browns regret on passing on
Bradley Chubb, or Sam Darnold in the next three years. 

The mixed reaction in Cleveland is only fitting, Browns fans
must go crazy with some of the decisions this franchise decides to make. 

I’m not someone who gives draft grades because I can’t really
make an accurate rating with no evidence, no playing time. I can’t predict the
future, neither can you, so that’s why we just have to wait and see.  

There is a great portion of Browns fans that are in great
disbelief that Mayfield is their quarterback, to which is understandable.
Mayfield is a Heisman-worthy kind of player, but one with great risk – sound

Baker Mayfield just screams out Johnny Manziel comparison all
day, a real déjà vu moment for Cleveland. 

I definitely thought Sam Darnold would be a lock for No. 1
overall pick, but turned out GM John Dorsey and Browns staff really liked
Mayfield. The funny thing is that in hindsight, I can see why Dorsey endorsed
for Mayfield, and that I’m actually starting to like this pick. 

Cleveland Browns’ record for having over 28 quarterbacks since
1999 (t-most in the NFL) just reeks of mediocrity, and is one record you do not
want to have. The Browns need a quarterback who is not only talented, but
different, which is exactly Mayfield. 

Mayfield could add some excitement to a franchise is in dire
need of it, for he would be a perfect fit for their lackluster offense. He
plays with excitement, and will be a good inspiration for that Browns’ locker

Did the Browns win or whiff on their No. 1 overall pick?   

Photo by Bobak Ha’Eri [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons


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