Dudes Brewery: Daytime Buzz and Dark Beer 

Hey dudes stop by
really quick and check out the
Chocolate Milk Stout! The Dudes-Quick: Chocolate Milk Stout is a nice, sweet
milk stout that is pretty much reminiscent of a Nesquik Milkshake. 

Dudes Brewing just recently added this delicious, creamy
milk stout to their wonderful tap selection – which features over 24 beers on
tap! The Chocolate Milk Stout adds to their variety of dark brew, ranging all
the way from sweet and chocolaty, to bitter and ‘espresso-like’. 

You can find their new location in Santa Clarita, just
outside Westfield Town Center, making it very accessible to anyone near the
mall area. While the brewery has the beach theme, and features more of a daytime buzz, Dudes is still open until midnight
during weekends. 

Dudes Brewery is bringing back that beach vibe from Huntington
to Santa Clarita, and not only can you see it, but you can definitely taste it. 

From the best IPAs’ to Saisons, and Sours, Dudes’ selection
is all over the horizon. It’s time for you to dive into something new, especially
like the — Sour Patch Series: Passion of
the Fruit

This amazing sour gives you a fruity watermelon burst of
flavor, followed by a pinch of tart. With 4.9% ABV, this American Wild Ale is a
great jolly rancher snack during the day.   

There is a lovely area in the back of the brewery that you
can escape to, which features couches and TVs’, including a Wii. I like to come
here when I don’t necessarily feel like socializing at the bar.   

**Disclaimer: Dudes Brewery is no way in any shape, or form,
endorsing my website. Thank you!**


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