Modern Times has us walking dead for the ‘City of Dead’

Modern Times continues to keep up with their fascinating reputation
for enhancing quality espresso flavor with beer, branding themselves as one of
the only breweries in the world to brew with barrel-aged coffee beans. 

I had always appreciated the way Modern Times took with their
coffee and beer – quality and originality. It’s special to have an establishment
that keeps its signature taste, being one of the only breweries in general to
roast their own coffee. 

The smoothness of the nitro stout is quickly accompanied by its
signature bourbon-barrel aged coffee flavor, completed with chocolate, giving
it an interesting dynamic. Also with hints of marshmallow, cocoa nibs, and sea
salt, projects like these is what makes this brewery so special. 

Modern Times’ City of the Dead Nitro Stout is a new release
that already has people talking, receiving a 99% percent on and
other critics. 

The 7.5% ABV is solid for this delicious dark beer, making
it a good overall buzz whether your just at home or your out. I could keep going
on about the description of this beer, but Modern Times describes it best.


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