The hype train that
is the Delirium Tremens 

The eloquent, colorful “Delirium Tremens” bottle, has been
making eye contact with me year after year passing by the craft beer aisle at
the local supermarket, making me wonder if the price was worth more than just
the presentation – finally one day, I just said f*@k it. 

After the first sip, I am immediately surprised with the
thick “hef” taste, and wheat body. I am very disappointed. 

Spoiled with craft beer, you could say, I have a high
(unfair) expectation for bombers that are over $15. 

The heavy wheat profile is what helps give the Delirium Tremens’
unique flavor, but is just too over-powering for my likes. It almost completely
overshadows its identity as a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. 

I guess people from Belgium have a very different beer
palate than we do here in the U.S., maybe more sophisticated? 

Taking my bias out of the picture (hatred for wheat beers),
this is a good beer if a fan of Hefeweizen, or Hoegaarden. The Tremens is very
similar to these beers as far as taste goes, but it has a much harsher flavor
with an alcohol content of 8.50%. 

Aside from my bias for beers, there was criticism from reviews,
saying it was still shy of meeting expectations. Similar to what I expressed
about the overall balance of flavor, critics say that there is a world class
beer here with a rough edge holding it back.   

A solid creation from Belgium, but just not up to the standards I thought it would be. 

It’s times like these when you almost agree with Ryan Reynolds’ wild, unsympathetic quote, “when
you have expectations, you are setting yourself for disappointment.”


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