Shroud is one beast stout 

If you
are a big fan of Russian Imperial Stouts like I am, then you need to do yourself
a favor and check out the Shroud by
Bravery Brewing. 

has quickly become one of my favorite breweries, not just in the AV but in all
of Los Angeles County. The combination of quality and variety is what it makes
it such a compelling brewing company, followed by a passion reflected buy the
staff and the brand. 

vivid imagery on the bottles, labels, are imitated in Bravery’s amazing brew –
showing how colorful your taste buds can get after having the first sip.  

to Bravery, I absolutely love brown ales and stouts. I never have had a thing
for dark beer, until I discovered how good they really were at this brewery. 

Shroud is hands down one of the best Russian Imperial Stouts I have ever had.

This stout pours an opaque black with a foamy dark, brownish-yellow
head that perches on top of the beer. Foamy ribbons tie around the glass while on
the drink down.

You are invited with a sweet aroma of the dark roasted malt,
cocoa, char, and black licorice fragrances. The taste is just as incredible with
the same coca, char, and has cookie dough flavors on the finish.  

The balance of having a mild amount of roast bitterness as
well as sweetness on the palate provides that enjoyable taste. The nice balance
of char and licorice qualities is also what makes this stout so appealing.   

Since this stout is so delicious and easy to drink, be aware
on the level of consumption because it will definitely creep on you with a
10.0% ABV.


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