The Clemson-Alabama rematch is
why we love college football  

The 2017 BCS Championship appeared to be destined long
before the 2016-2017 regular season had even begun as No.1 Alabama and No.2 Clemson
dominated not only the season, but also the College Football Playoffs,
reiterating that they are the best
two teams in the nation.    

Clemson’s chance for redemption against Alabama in this
year’s title game is why we love college football; fans get to relish on the
opportunity to see the best two teams in the country go head-to-head, even if it’s a rematch. 

It is only fitting that the two best teams in College
Football are going to the championship back-to-back years, and headlining the
first ever national title rematch in BCS/playoff era. This could be a game for
the ages or just perhaps another ‘Roll Tide’ Takedown’. 

This year’s BCS Championship could feature drama-like
implications of a Giants-Patriots Super Bowl Rematch, giving it potential to be
one of the greatest title games in sports history. 

Judging by Quarterback Deshaun Watson and his Tigers’
incredible effort in the 45-40 prize fight just one year ago, college football
fans can be confident that this will be another classic. It even adds to
Clemson’s favor that their offense is on fire, after shocking the nation by
shutting out No.3 Ohio State 31-0. 

Not even the great offensive-minded Urban Meyer could
overcome Clemson’s raw talent, as he was shutout for the first time ever in
over 15 seasons as a head coach. The shutout should give the Tigers momentum
and perhaps ‘more juice’ carrying forward. 

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney believes that his team is even
better than it was last year, and he may be right. Clemson’s dominant offensive
and defensive performance at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl certainly validates
Swinney’s belief, for they look more impressive than ever. 

Can Clemson take down the
Crimson Tide this year? 

It may be one difficult task, but it could be possible for
this Tigers’ team. If it is possible for any team to take down the Tide, it would
be the Clemson Tigers. 

On the flipside, Alabama is thinking about making history
once again along with Nick Saban, as they continue to strive for greatness year
after year. The Tide stay focused and dominate in each and every possible way –
but starts with the defense, of course. 

Saban is on pace to tie the legendary Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant for
recording over six national championships, and on his way to being one of the
prolific head coaches in sports. This title could really elevate him to being the elite coach.   

Photo by Jim Ferguson ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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