Destination Dak: Cowboys win 10th straight game under rookie

The Dallas Cowboys continue to shock the football world with
their 31-26 win over the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day, setting a
franchise record of winning their 10th straight.   

Dallas’ rookie duo continues to put people in awe; Dak
Prescott continues to improve each week at the quarterback position, creating a
new sense of chemistry for the Cowboy’s offense with his veteran-like

Ezekiel Elliot’s early dominance somewhat overshadowed the development
of Dak Prescott, but now with a 10-1 resume, the rookie quarterback’s success certainly
has been noticed. Prescott won the starting job over Tony Romo, but certainly didn’t
happen over night.     

Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys’ front office was torn on
their quarterback controversy; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had to remain unbiased
in his decision to finally give the nod to start Prescott over Romo. 

With years and years of accumulating a well endured player/owner
relationship, Jones’ endearment for Romo was well-known, and many thought it would
be a problem of interrupting the momentum under the rookie sensation – but it wasn’t.
Jones finally learned to think with his
head, and not his heart. 

Wherever the work place is, sometimes in life, it can be
hard to separate business from emotions.   

While there is sadness, and yet grief for Jones, there is
also excitement. On behalf of Jones, there has to be great optimism in his team;
the Cowboys have the highest ceiling in any team in the NFL and their potential
has been best in over two decades. 

What does this success mean for Tony Romo?

 Just a week past Romo’s incredible speech, his desire and
passion to be a starting quarterback was well-acknowledged, and perhaps, “received”.
Regarding the teams in the NFL that received
Romo’s signal, was the Denver Broncos.   

While Romo made his heart-felt, emotional speech, he also was
sending an ‘open-ended’ invitation to teams around the league that: he’s still
ready to compete for a starting job. His interest to play for another team next
year is evident, as the Denver Broncos are reportedly Tony Romo’s team of
interest for the 2017 NFL season. 

Tony Romo and the Denver Broncos: seems like a perfect fit,

NFL rumors continue to hit the fan with trade talks of moving
Trevor Siemian for Romo, and many believe this to be substantial truth,
especially for Denver’s lack of fire power generating from the quarterback position. 

A veteran quarterback backed up by a Super Bowl defense, could
make the Denver Broncos one of most dangerous teams in the NFL. The Tony Romo/Denver Broncos idea could be a
great one, but will have to be put to rest for now as Romo’s current team is on
pace to be Super Bowl worthy.   

Each week people are tuning in to see the rookie sensation, and
see them to continue beat all odds. The Cowboys’ dangerous duo, Ezekiel Elliot
and Dak Prescott, account for over half of the offensive snaps per game –
dominating playing time on offense.  

It’s hard not to watch the new exciting chemistry that it is
now of the Dallas Cowboys. NFL had stated Friday morning, “Yesterday’s Dallas-Washington
game was the most watched NFL regular season game since 1995.” 

I know the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team,” and
everything, but that statistic really is newsworthy. Will Prescott and
his Cowboys be able to keep this momentum ongoing to Minnesota?

Photo by Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Dak Prescott) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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