Cleveland’s championship conquest: more than just a chip for
the Cavs 

The Cavaliers’ Game 7 win at Oracle Arena Sunday night proved
to be more than just a game, a championship, and even history; Cleveland’s first
NBA title meant everything. 

Inspired to win Cleveland’s first major pro sports title
since 1965, LeBron James had put up one of the greatest games of his entire professional

One could say this could be the performance of his life time: Becoming the first player in any
playoff series to led his team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals, just the 3rd
player in NBA Finals history to have a triple-double performance in Game 7, and
being named unanimous NBA Finals MVP. His legendary performance was a spectacle
itself, but for Cavaliers to become the first team in NBA history to comeback
from a 3-1 NBA Finals deficit – showed that this was something special, and
meant more than just a game. 

Game 7’s unbelievable conclusion of the 2016 NBA Finals was more
scripted than any Hollywood ending ever imagined in sports, hearing the
reaction of LeBron and his team helping Cleveland end their 52-year championship
drought was more than just historic. The Kings’ emotional post-game interview
with ESPN’s Doris Burke marked one of the greatest moments in not only the NBA,
but in the history of sports. 

“Cleveland, this one’s for you!” LeBron screamed into the

The dramatic ending of the NBA Finals reminisced a real-life
movie – it was completely surreal to witness. 

Whether you’re a Cavaliers fan or not, one has to be happy
for the city of Cleveland, and respect an incredible team comradery the team
has showed these 2016 NBA Finals. Cleveland validated one of the greatest comebacks
in NBA history silencing the doubters since there 3-1 deficit.     

This win will also validate LeBron, placing him in the
category of top five players of all-time, and now, most of us can agree this
will no longer be a debate. LeBron’s third title meant more than just another championship
for himself; it was a victory for the Cavs, for the city of Cleveland, and the
entire state of Ohio. 

Cleveland’s sensational comeback marked a revelation, and a
historic legacy that LeBron never will forget. 

Good for LeBron. 

Good for the Cavs.   

Good for Cleveland.

Photo by Erik Drost ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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