United We Stand: USA’s shows new comradery in win vs.

The U.S. men’s national soccer team showed a tremendous
sense of synergy in there 2-1 win over Ecuador Thursday Night, helping them advance
to the Copa America Semifinals for the first time since 1995.

Clint Dempsey sparked USA with an incredible header to in
just the 2nnd minute, setting the tone for the entire first half. USA had
controlled the ball, played great technical soccer, and the unity overall as
team was some of the best played in coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s five-year tenure.

While the lead was just 1-0 at the halftime break, the way
the USMT brilliantly played against Ecuador, suggested even a bigger lead. Watching
the first half reflected just great soccer play; while USA had showed the other
sense of there identity with determination and spirit, it didn’t take much time
for USA to expand on there lead with another game changing play by Dempsey,
playing a beautiful ball to Gyasi Zardes for a tap-in goal.

Led by there Captain Michael Bradley, All-Star forward Clint
Dempsey, and there Defensive-shield John Brooks, USMT look to make a statement
next matchup against Venezuela or Argentina on Tuesday. It appears Klinsmann and
his team has established their identity, for USA is hitting on all cylinders
and looks to be a dangerous opponent these Copa America Semifinals.

Recovering from a post-Word Cup hang over, the team has been
steadily searching for the right team play and after last night’s win it seems
they have found it. The last three wins looks to be the blueprint for what is
next for the USMT’s national team, and are growing steady with great confidence
as they should be.

These Copa America Semifinals will certainly be a great test
for matching up against a very talented Argentina/Venezuela opponent, for the
team is poised to stun the soccer world with the opportunity to beat all odds
on Tuesday with another tournament win.

By Erik Drost (Flickr: Clint Dempsey and Eddie Jones) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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