2016 NBA Finals: Reasonable rematch or disturbing downfall? 

While LeBron James is blessed to make his 6th straight NBA
Finals appearance, the 4-time MVP   is still reluctant to pay a king’s ransom for
it – The Warriors early momentum in the NBA Finals rematch creates controversy
and chaos in Cleveland.

With all eyes on the King and his team to respond to the
early 1-0 series Warriors’ lead, many are wondering if this an end of an era, or
if it is the mark of a new beginning. 

Will the headlines of Game 3 seek a Cavalier Comeback or
Curse in Cleveland?

For many to believe that this is the time for Cavaliers to
win a championship, the will be several questions in Cleveland if they fail to
capture that chance at the title once again. Game 2 of the Finals entailed a great
amount of pressure for the Cavs – The Warriors “Splash Brothers” were completely
off Game 1, and still won convincingly. 

Curry and Thompson not being the X factor for the first half
of the series means bad news for the Cavaliers, the Warriors will be even more
of an arsenal to the Cavaliers, as the Warriors’ bench had solely won the
opening game of the Finals. 

Draymond Green’s stellar 28-point performance last night at
Oracle Arena shows how deep of a threat this Warrior team is. Tyron Lue’s game
plan for the Warriors All-Star was ineffective to say the least; Golden State’s
big man lighted up the Cavaliers, hitting five 3-pointers to give his team the
spark they needed. 

The Warriors incredible ability to extend the lead from 12
to 30 points in such a short amount of time is scary for teams, especially for
the Cavs, Warriors put the game out of hand in just a blink of an eye, forcing
Cleveland to throw the towel in the 3rd quarter. 

After just watching the first half, and seeing all of the
early struggles from the Warriors reflected the or portrait of the series; Cleveland
has to play absolutely perfect just to be a close game – the Warriors early 7-0
turnover differential in the 1st quarter, did not translate to any
demanding lead for Cleveland. The Cavaliers inability to take advantage of the
early turnovers from then Warrior’s mistakes was a huge impact on there loss,
because once Golden State has that momentum backed by its hostile environment,
the team is almost impossible to stop. 

Green jumpstarted the Warriors quickly after the early
struggles in the game, electrifying the team to a 20-2 run in the 2nd
quarter, breaking the game right open. Cavaliers were not able to respond to
Golden State’s weapons; the damage done to the Cavaliers became even more
alarming as the MVP was not a factor again in Warriors’ blow out win over
Cleveland, sitting on the bench watching his role players easily take care of
there opponent. 

One thing is for sure the Cavaliers need to change next game
in Cleveland, their “Big 3” needs to show up. 

Irving, Love, and James were only combined for 34 points the
entire game, Draymond Green almost had those many points just himself. The way
that the Cavaliers had lost was not only evident, but shocking; the dumbstruck body
language presented by Cleveland did not go unnoticed, and was questioned
specifically after the game. 

During the post game conference, Henry, Comcast SportsNet Bay
Area reporter, had asked LeBron on wether he was frustrated or disappointed in
his teams’s performance. The King had surprisingly had denied any of those

“Not disappointed in our guys or frustrated, we just got to
do a better job,” said James. “We got to do better in all facets of the game, both
offensively and defensively, and physically and mentally.” 

Shortly after the post game conference, NBA Analysts Stephen
A. Smith, Chauncey Billups, Michael Wilbon, and ESPN’s Stan Verrett commented on
the Cavaliers surprisingly disengaged performance and LeBron’s post game

First Take host, and well-known NBA Analyst, Stephen A. commented
on the disappointment in LeBron’s post game analysis and how the superstar was
nether discontent, or frustrated with both losses. Smith had mentioned this had
been one of the worst NBA Finals performances he had ever seen. 

The frustration presented by Smith reflected the mutual
feeling of LeBron supporters and fans of the game in general: LeBron should be
anything but content in a looming chance is losing another NBA Finals. 

Obviously we know the greatness of LeBron and his legacy to
continue is greatness, but one has to wonder if this is an end of an era – or at
least in Cleveland. 

Despite their collective effort in there back to back NBA
Finals run, the Cavaliers were dis-oriented in Games 1 and 2 of the championship.
The basketball community is wondering I the King and his well-respected Cavaliers
can flip the switch. 

Can the Cavaliers turn this around?

Anticipating another hostile environment, now in Cleveland, will
entail and define what we will learn about these two teams in this series. If
Cleveland can defend home advantage, in both games, will show a resilient and new
perspective for the Cavaliers; for now, they remain somewhat questionable at
the time being. 

The good thing for LeBron and company, the entire state of
Ohio will be behind there back in Games 3 and 4 of the Finals. The future Hall
of Fame player is expected to rise to the occasion, and save his team from
being behind 3 straight games in the series. 

Photo By Erik Dorst [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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