That comfortable feeling; coffee and cartoons

This daily sports news television program brings me that sudden
comforting feeling, one that comes over me like some sort of calming sensation,
everyday of the week.

has their own sense of daily rituals; whether they like to admit it or not. For
me, my thing is turning on SportsCenter even before I turn on the lights. The immediate
sounds –  the play-by-play commentators, anchors,
or any analysis being broke down – from ESPN instantaneously comforts me, giving
me the sense that I’m home. Call me crazy.

significant other thinks it’s funny that my first reaction is turning on the TV
before I even the flick lights in a completely dark room, and I find myself
agreeing with her. I think others may agree that this is odd, but this is definitely
classified as one of my rituals, that we do all some point have.

people meditate, take power naps, cold showers, or simply tea, coffee, and
other fixes, daily rituals are real folks. And my daily ritual is serious I am
a “sports nerd”, a fan, and addict all at the same time.

has their daily rituals, guilty pleasures, and superstitions they compose that
reflects a sense of uniqueness. Watching SportsCenter gives me that buzz, that sudden
soothing feeling like at home and smelling some sort of stew being brewed from
my mother. Coffee lovers would understand, it’s like sipping the first brew of
dark roast coffee or hot tea of the day, it’s amazing.

almost like the holiday “rituals” you perform every year, take Christmas for

rituals like having cookies and milk, wearing pajamas, rocking the Santa hat,
and eating the occasional Thanksgiving feast for breakfast, is a reminder of how
we still are young at heart. I remember a classic tradition my sister still does
to this day: she wraps herself around her blanket, like she was in some sort of
cocoon or something, then walks over to the family room eager to start her

morning gives me peacefulness, this espresso and morning sports program is my daily meditation. The snug feeling
of being watching, sitting there on the couch and being warmed up by caffeine, just
as the sun rises, is reminiscent like watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.


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