Foreshadowing the future of

Kaepernick’s future is still in
question after visiting John Elway this past Thursday, the 49ers’ quarterback
has created a tug of war scenario between Denver and San Francisco with his
interest in the Broncos.

While both teams are in desperate
need for a starting quarterback, the Broncos and 49ers are still deciding who
will pay Kaepernick’s $11.9 million 2016 salary.  Last year the quarterback signed an
outstanding six-year $114,000,000 contract, so if Denver and San Francisco need
to both agree on reconstructing the quarterbacks’ contract in order to
successively make a deal.

The teams have not been close to
making any progress on an agreement, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

After signing his monster contract,
Kaepernick struggles last season with the 49er’s last season had shocked the
49ers’ front office and the dual threat quarterback quickly fell out of favor
with San Francisco’s front office as he was benched behind Blaine Gabbert for
the remaining half of the season.

Since his staring season began in
2013, Kaepernick recorded his career low of just six touchdowns, 1,615 yds. and
a low total quarterback rating of 47.1 in his struggles last year.  Kaepernick has to prove to the NFL that he is
still the same explosive dual- threat attack he was just three years ago.

With Peyton Manning’s retirement and
Brock Osweiler’s huge free agent deal with Houston, Broncos are looking to find
their starter for the 2016-2017 season.

Kaepernick seems to be the perfect
candidate for Broncos’ quarterback scenario.

Denver’s reputation for having for
tall-sized quarterbacks who can oversee coverage and be an effective pocket
passer, Kaepernick’s dual-threat abilities will be a great addition to the
recipe. Broncos are used to lengthy quarterbacks who can throw in the pocket
but aren’t able to run; Kaepernick’s versatility creates great interest for the

The $4.9 million gap in Kaepernick’s
deal certainly gets more interesting as the 2016 offseason workout programs
begin today for the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco
49ers according to With San Francisco refusing to pay the rest of the quarterback’s
2016 salary, the stare down between 49ers and Broncos continue.

While it is normal for most
quarterback’s to do offseason workouts, it is a different situation for Kaepernick
as he is still in the midst of trade with Denver,. After seeing today that Kaepernick
ensues to make a pay cut to help the deal commence, the 49ers quarterback seems
to be staying put for now.

Today, as the off season work outs begin,
Kaepernick’s highly anticipated appearance – wether it was the luxury of collecting
a large bonus of $400,000 or not – was the best thing for 49ers fans. With Chip
Kelly’s intentions of keeping the highly sought quarterback in San Francisco, the
head coach can aggressively campaign Kaepernick in his system.

While many people believe he
dual-threat attack will be a perfect fit for Kelly’s regime, there are still many
people doubting the overall scenario. To be fair for Kaepernick supporters, he
did reach the Super Bowl in his first starting season with 49ers and made it to
the NFC championship the following year. Kaepernick’s short legacy is actually
comparable at least half of the quarterbacks in the league, even with his
recent struggles.

With most of us having the same consensus
that winning the Super Bowl is tough, it will be interesting to see if 49ers will
pressure their quarterback to actually win the big game.

Photo By Mike Morbeck (Flickr: Colin Kaepernick) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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