Why Robert Griffin III will be Cleveland’s comeback kid

BEREA, Ohio – The Brown’s flirting image of front office and
coaching staff surrounding Robert Griffin III hints at the league that the
quarterback might have found his new team. Having the Los Angeles Rams keep its
current roster, the former Redskins quarterback sensation takes his sights to

Getting attention from head coach Hue Jackson, front office, and vice
president of player personal Andrew Barry, Griffin III did everything he could possibly to ace
the interview on his meeting with the Browns on Saturday. From the looks of
mutual interests with Cleveland and the quarterback, the two should be a
perfect fit.

Former 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year, Griffin III hopes
to regain his dual threat status as a starting quarterback for 2016-2016
season. It has been over three years since the Robert Griffin’s dual threat abilities
took the NFL by storm, giving defensive coordinators headaches all around the

Since his injury, the quarterback hasn’t quite been the dominating attack as he once was when first entered into the league. Griffin
III threw a career low of four touchdowns while he was benched last year behind
Kirk Cousins. While he sustained a tough injury in 2013, Griffin III like many
other athletes in careers found it hard to get back to 100 percent while recovering
from the knee injury. 

While he is still breaking off the rust on his knee, the quarterback
now is relatively healthy, and looking to make a statement next season. Like the
Browns, Griffin too is looking to make a come-back and redeem success in the

After visiting a couple other teams, and enjoying his visit
in Ohio, Griffin looks like he might be the starting quarterback of the Cleveland
Browns next season.

The Browns may finally have their franchise quarterback
or at least a first-string quarter back for starters.

The combination of RG3’s skill-set and Jackson’s leadership,
the Browns should have a disciplined offense and make some noise next season.
While hearing the news of the RG3 meeting a few hours ago, I’m disappointed that
my Cowboys’ didn’t aggressively pursue him.

I think that Dallas would benefit greatly with Griffin as a
lockup second string quarter back, or more like “quarter back No. 2” since of
Romo’s nimbleness.

For some reason the Jones family doesn’t like acquiring first
round quarterbacks, so I am not surprised if draft pick No. 2 will be a
quarterback which the team greatly needs besides a pass rusher.

Looks like Griffin III will be on the other side of the ball
when it comes to Dallas again — as to other teams, with Cleveland being the front runner. While the head coach is still evaluating his options, Cleveland looks to add the young
quarterback at the top of there priority list.

Photo By Keith Allison – FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42540178


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